Aesthetic Ecstasy
looked at my bank account today…

ms rico subliminally made me her bitch!

Woke up this morning

No longer feeling human. Losing what was once the best connection I had with myself, I am here and no longer being. gaaah


Want to take pictures of the outcome with a little labor, but you know, I’m scared, and its not like people “need” to know.

I really want a dog.

Just so I can experience his licks on my cheek every morning.

I wimped out

On a test of courage last night. Was suppose to ask a waitress for her number at buffalo wild wings, everytime i began an attempt, i froze in pussiness. it was fun in the end. haha

Okay, Have to prioritize

These should be my only expenses, school, car. This is very easy is to upkeep, yet why can’t I? A strong individual I am not. So much temptation requires just as much discipline, and all it does it grow.

I love you. I just want to be in your arms, cuddling in bed. But in a friendly way. Nothing sexual.

aw man, who wanted to cuddle

Attempt at being healthy

Bought multivitamins today, and fish oil. Should go well with my tea and honey. Really trying to be completely healthy besides my current hobby. I mean I can’t let my self go entirely. One has to respect their self, to some degree and I want some quality in life right now. Quantity isn’t my thing. Even Bought my mom vitamins, thinking about buying those as a gift for anyone who wants. All this and why? Because I think capitalism is getting away with way to much. Why would anyone accept anything lower than what they deserve? ah im turning into a health addict. Anywho, met some road bikers on the bike route today, I was in awe with the fact it was a couple, and they looked cheesy together. Simple is best.

In this bright future, you can forget your past.

Sometimes there’s a limit, a time where I can just tell myself stop. Too bad I never listen to my head. Not to sure if my persistence or stubbornness comes from my gender or who I am, but its not because I’m stuck in the feelings of the past. I only think about how great the future will be with you in it. Its not wise to let great people away. Its like that.